Konkan Learning Management System

Automate Your Education Institute

Teacher Zone is an all-in-one lesson and class management platform to engage your students, automate your admin, and take control of your business

Work smarter, not harder, with AI

With virtual coaching, auto-tagging, and content suggestions, AI does the hard work for you. So your learners are more self-sufficient, learning paths are more personalized, and your admins have more time to focus on improving your programs instead of implementing them.

Boundless configurability with Learn LMS

Our powerful configuration engine lets you create audience-specific pages using flexible, drag-and-drop functionality to get your learning programs up and running fast. 

Leverage free extensions, like certifications, automation, e-commerce, custom domains, audit trail, gamification, and more to configure your cloud based LMS to your exact use case.

Automate and Simplify

We’ll help you take all your current systems and get them plugged in so you can set it and forget it. Scheduling and collecting payments also becomes a breeze because it all happens in the system.

Connect and Engage

Teacher Zone will become the digital hub for all your people. Students can connect with their instructors and with each other. And before you know it…your business starts to flourish.

Live Your Dream

Instead of scrambling to keep up, you’ll be able to focus on your students, which will build a track record that’s hard to ignore. Making you the go-to place to learn.

Take Control

Easily manage makeups and rescheduling so you can invest in growing your actual business.

Learning Management Made Simple, Create online lessons, assign practice, and more! You can finally keep track of what your students are learning.



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